We are so excited about our brand new Social Media Training course for Soloprenuers that starts tomorrow (20th May 2015) in Hermanus, and next week in Gansbaai.

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From feedback, the delegates are looking forward to learn about why they need to have a website presence, as well as the basics (and tips) of SEO, social media 101 and how to use platforms like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Blogging, which will assist them to understand what social media channels are the right ones for their business, and what web and social media metrics they should be using to track performance and ROI.

Our pre-course survey has also provided us with some understanding of the delegates internet and social media literacy. So do follow our blog where we will be sharing some interesting stats and insights, as well as the growth of the delegates as they move through the six-week training course.

Click here to download the Course Content PDF, if you would like to find out more about our Social Media and Internet Marketing Course.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or would like to have this course presented in your area.

Understanding and knowing how to use social media, in conjunction with your website, is an essential 21st century skill!