Do you ever feel like there is never enough time in the day?

Probably one of the most heard sayings when talking to other business owners and managers is “I don’t have time“. Despite the fact that time is perhaps the most sought-after resource available for our use, most of us are dreadful at spending it wisely!

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What is the point of exercising proper time management without a clear plan built to take us where we want to go?

As Benjamin Franklin said “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

The key to all of this is that we don’t plan well enough! Why? In most cases, especially as entrepreneurs, we let our day-to-day operations drive out planning.

This plan vs time issue, became clear during the recent Understanding Online Marketing and Social Media training workshop that we presented in the Overberg, where the delegates shared that they find themselves so busy, but not as effective as they could be.

The planning templates that we provided, will assist the delegates to plan their online marketing strategy, identify their markets, and to ensure that they integrate their website, blog and social media platforms to ensure that they maximize marketing and promotion actions.

Once this is complete, they can then plan their content programme, develope their scheduling plan, which will allow them to post without the current stress that they have been faced with.

Plan, Do, Review (PDR). The discipline that we need to implement, is to take time to plan; then to actually implement and stick to our plan; and very important thereafter, is to measure our results.

Planning can be so daunting, however, I encourage delegates and entrepreneurs to break up the plan into bite size chunks. So do have a high-level strategy, but then work in quarters. So plan one quarter, implement the actions and review (at least monthly), which will inform you of how to adjust for the next quarter. There is no silver bullet, and your marketing and promotion plan will continue to evolve.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

Do you need help or assistance to either get started or to develop an online marketing plan (which links up with your traditional marketing programme)?

Then get in contact with us today, for a no obligations discussion, or why not reserve a seat on our next Online Marketing workshop course.

See what the delegates had to say after they completed the last course which ended in July 2015.