I felt really short changed, whilst having coffee at a Mugg and Bean franchise outlet yesterday and I decided to Tweet (using my photography company twitter account – @getravelphotos) about my negative experience, as well as I wanted to also see if or how Mugg and Bean would react.

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A Twitter case study

This case study has also provided me with new material that I can use on our Online Marketing training course and I have already posted a “How To” article on our delegates training forum and extranet website, which allows them to use the info in their own business.

Case Study background – July 2015.

I was at the Cape Town International Airport, and we decided to go for breakfast at the Mugg & Bean outlet in the departures terminal. I ordered my usual – a medium roast mug of coffee (as I love coffee and don’t enjoy it in a cup, as always find it too little). The waitress advised me that they do not do “mugs” anymore, which was quite surprising to me, as the mug is a tradition at Mugg and Bean.

“Was this another way that Franchise Restaurant Chains are cutting costs” – which is another story on its own, and why I tend not to support franchise brands, and rather the “Mom and Pop” eateries, who care a lot more about their customers.

I decided to Tweet about my negative experience whilst sitting at the restaurant.

twitter,case study, social media, training, customer care, CG Consulting

My first tweet

Well, good news is that they responded quickly via Twitter, and I sent them my contact telephone number as requested.

twitter, case study, social media, training, customer care, CG Consulting

Our Twitter conversation

I received a personal phone call early evening from the Customer Care Manager, who advised that they do still serve coffee in mugs, and will investigate with the franchisee in question, and keep me abreast of the situation.

The following morning – I acknowledged that Mugg & Bean had been in contact.

twitter, case study, social media, training, customer care, CG Consulting

Acknowledged their positive response

Well done Mugg & Bean, firstly for responding effectively and promptly; and also restoring my faith in your Brand.

I also subsequently gained a new follower, and I also now follow Mugg & Bean

twitter, case study, social media, training, customer care, CG Consulting

We both gained a new following

Learning for Brands

1. The exercise has proved the importance for Brands to be active and monitor Twitter (and other social media platforms) of any negative or positive interaction from the pubic or their customers.

2. What Mugg & Bean does well is advises customers or followers their “rules” – which allows a level of comfort, and they have exceeded what they said they would do.

twitter, case study, social media, training, customer care, CG Consulting

Provide rules or terms and conditions

3. Mugg & Bean were able to favourite my positive comment – but could only do so, as their customer care process worked. 

twitter, case study, social media, training, customer care, CG Consulting

Favorited my positive response

4. The other point arising from this, is how one franchised outlet could have impacted negatively on the whole Brand. If I never tweeted, would Mugg & Bean have been aware of the situation at the particular franchise outlet? I could have walked away with the impression that Mugg & Bean no longer serves coffee in mugs, and would not have gone back to a Mugg & Bean outlet into the future.

It is imperative that franchisees observe and stick to product and service ethics as per the Franchisor guidelines, and if wanting to implement a change, the need to discuss this with the Franchisor before doing so.

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Understanding and knowing how to use social media, in conjunction with your website, is an essential 21st century skill! As a Brand, how are using Twitter or any other social media platforms to interact with your customers?