Thinking outside the box starts well before we’re “boxed in”!

That is, well before we confront a unique situation and start forcing it into a familiar “box” that we already know how to deal with. Or at least think we know how to deal with it.

I came across a video on You Tube, of two amazing talented Cello players. Apart from watching them play ACDC’s Thunderstruck – on my favourite musical instrument, it struck me (excuse the pun) of how these two young men showed how to “not be in the Box” by breaking the stereo type of “Cello’s can only be used for typical classical music” and ensured they could “sweat their assets” – music talent to not only build up a unique brand, but also to attract over 1,2 million followers on YouTube, but to have more than 60 million views of the video featured in this article, and more than 300 million views on their channel.

They have also broken the “geek” mold, and prove that playing a typical classical musical instrument is cool!

Lessons to be learnt!

(Watch the video and you will understand these points)

  • Ensure you understand your capabilities and talents. (Those which you do not have – find them and bring them into the success equation – i.e. video production – their video’s are well planned and compliment their music or telling a story)
  • Decide on the product or service that you want to provide (What is different or what will attract a market segment)
  • Develope a formal strategic plan (The 2Cellos started with YouTube video’s, and have through deman, played at amazing venue’s in amazing cities around the globe, as well as appearing on top TV news / lifestle programmes).
  • Develope a clear brand. (It tells them what they can expect from your products and services, and it differentiates your offering from your competitors’. Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be.)
  • Provide a product or service that “blows your customers expectations out of the water” (Watch the video and you will understand this point)
  • You get results from what you focus on. (Stick to the plan, don’t be caught up in busy tending to the urgent problems of the day and not focusing on key long-term issues).
  • Sweat the assets . (Are you maximising your assets? Have a look today and see what else you could do with your assets.)
  • Know what your end result looks like and where your milestones should be. (Are you where you thought you’d be if you’d been on target? Or, if you’re off target, how far are you off? The course correction to put you back on track becomes your next action plan.

When your company has a clear plan and acts accordingly to the plan, you’re going to go from where you are to where you want to go, ensuring your success. Need help then get in contact with us today!

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Bravo 2Cello’s – encore, encore!!