A refreshing approach to training and development

Don’t despair, we have Training Solutions for small business owners

Owners of micro and small-to-medium companies simply can’t afford to invest in costly business training programs that can quickly become outdated. At CG Consulting, we strive to find flexible solutions that can not only impart the importance and benefits of learning and development, but also to ensure a return on investment for their businesses.

Based on our own experience, and working in conjunction with our training partner, TTBISA, we have a solid understanding of what small businesses need for success. We bridge that gap for you. We understand what it takes to build a successful business and our industry-experienced trainers will work with you to ensure you – and your staff – have the right skills moving forward

Our training and development interventions include:
  • Customised solutions or Seta-accredited courses (five different Seta’s) to suit your business needs
  • Formal Training
    • A range of short term skills training
    • A Supervisory Development Programme
    • A Management Development Programme
    • Part time study
  • Networking opportunities (connect here with other small business owners)
  • Workshops focused on topics
  • Learnership programmes

It’s not enough to just know about your field. If you’re a business owner or a manager, you also need to have a good working knowledge of finances, budgets, marketing, customer relations, business strategies and safety.

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