This interactive course from CG Consulting – Inspiring Solutions shows you how to set up and use your website, blog and social media to get business results and measure a return on investment.

The course is offered over a 6 week period, with each session being 3-hours in duration, which allows delegates to go back to their workplace and implement the learnings, and provide feedback at the following week’s feedback forum time slot.

You can either view each session’s content by scrolling down the page, or alternatively click here to view a PDF document containing the Course Content.

session 1 extra

This session serves as an introduction to the course, the expectations, outcomes, and sets the platform for the next five sessions.

Trends, statistics, understanding search engines and online strategy planning is included.

session 1

Session 2

This session covers why you need a website, the components and design of a website and importance of having a responsive website to meet the ever growing mobile users.

We also discuss why a Blog is the most valuable marketing and PR tool you can have, and how to become a blogger.

Session 2

Session 3

This session covers why you need Google Plus and how to take advantage of it for your business, and why you can’t afford to ignore Google Plus as it is highly integrated with Google Search.

We then move on to discuss to how to harness the power of YouTube and video marketing, a vital tool especially in today’s world where people process visual content twice as fast as they do text.

Sticking with the visual theme, we move on to Instagram, and find out why it is an easy way to grab the attention of your audience. We wrap up with an overview of why visual media provides great content for other social networks, and even your business website.

session 3

Session 4

This session covers why business cannot ignore using Facebook – your customers, competitors, suppliers, employees, partners and future customers are all using Facebook!

We also discuss why many businesses struggle to get real results from their Facebook marketing efforts after getting started on Facebook.

Keeping with theme “staying connected real-time” we discuss why Twitter is a powerful social network with a wider audience than on any other social network, and why the public nature of Twitter means that you can find and connect with prospects who might not be following you on other social networks. We also discuss why Twitter can be one of the most difficult social networks to understand.

We wrap up the session discussing the third biggest social network, Pinterest, which is emerging as a powerful tool for businesses to market online. Should you be using Pinterest? The best part is that Pinterest doesn’t require daily updates and lots of time to be effective, and show how to optimize strategic keywords that can get your pins and profile noticed.
Session 4

Session 5This session deals with the proverb – “The Money is in the List”.

We start off covering the areas of how to build up a database, how to use an email newsletter effectively, and how to build a relationship and effectively interact with subscribers.

We then explore why many basic marketing tactics remain relevant today, and how you should be using your existing communications and traditional marketing to encourage your customers to become part of your list, as well as to get them onto social media and to engage with you and your brand.

We end of the session exploring why and what are mobile apps and widgets, and how to use them for acquiring new customers, or how mobile apps can assist you to manage your digital marketing life.
Session 5

Session 6

This is the last session, and we deal with implementing or updating a marketing strategy / plan, the implementation of your plan, and most importantly measuring your success and ROI (return on investment), including easy to use templates and other tools that you can you use to measure performance.

Having gone through the past 5 sessions, this wrap up session, provides a holistic view of planning, implementing and reviewing – i.e. a plan that covers the who, what, when, where and how – and not forgetting the measurement aspects to measure success.

Session 6

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Delegates enjoy additional support and have access to a group forum, training material as well as other resources.

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Delegates enjoy access to a dedicated Group Forum which allows delegates to interact with the course facilitators as well as other delegates. Questions, queries or general discussion matters can be discussed on this forum.

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Delegates enjoy access to a dedicated Extranet Website which allows delegates to download course material; supporting documents; as well as additional tools and resources. (The group forum is integrated into the Extranet – making it a one stop resource centre.)

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